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The Arches, Halmore, Berkeley

Gloucestershire GL13 9HL

Chris Newton                                               Editor and ghostwriter



Book editing


Commercial copywriting




Book editing

My principal full-time work is editing books – I have looked after many hundreds of manuscripts, from memoirs, biographies and family histories to fiction and poetry. I’ll start by assessing your MS and advising you what work it needs, either by you as author or myself as editor (if you'd like a more detailed formal assessment, I can provide this for a modest fee).

  You may want to turn a rough draft into a polished manuscript, or perhaps just have a finished MS carefully checked for errors – the fee will depend on the length of the MS and the amount and type of work involved.

  If you’re embarking on writing a book, I can advise you how to go about it and review your book as it develops.

 When it comes to designing, producing and publishing your book, I work closely with a leading local self-publishing house, Mereo Books of Cirencester, and I can arrange design, typesetting, printing and publishing as required. I can also advise on how to promote your book.