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The Arches, Halmore, Berkeley

Gloucestershire GL13 9HL

Chris Newton                                               Editor and ghostwriter



Book editing


Commercial copywriting








“The most astonishing book... A Life On The Edge has a good claim to be the finest biography of an angler anyone has ever written." – Andrew Herd, Waterlog


"Superb - it's right up there with the best biographies of the year." - Independent on Sunday


"An excellent and beautifully-written hook, full of passion, humour, sadness and drama." - Fiona Armstrong, judging the Lakeland Book Awards, on A Life At The Edge  


“The Medlar Press have found the perfect author in Chris Newton… he has written an outstandingly good book.  He has made a splendid job of chronicling the life of a hugely talented, tortured character.  Very well written and laced with revelations, it makes one in turn angry and sad. Do read this book.” - Sandy Leventon, Trout and Salmon


“A fine, yet merciless biography… Newton subjects Falkus to dispassionate, modern scrutiny, with results that are sometimes wince-making, sometimes hilarious - Charles Clover, Daily Telegraph 


“Chris Newton’s wonderful biography of the man tells it warts and all… by far the best biography ever published of a pioneering fly-fisher” - Malcolm Greenhalgh, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying


“There are two things hard to believe about this excellent biography of the maverick angler Hugh Falkus - that it’s the author’s first book and that he never met his subject.  Chris Newton has captured this enigmatic man with notable shrewdness and flair… he has done him proud” - David Profumo, Country Life


"Newton writes with a precision and humour that beguile; historical accounts are enlivened by the author's wry wit. A huge body of information which in a less-assured author’s hands would have been indigestible... an education and a delight." - John Aston, Trout & Salmon, on The Trout's Tale


"A fascinating book… The Trout's Tale contains probably the best summary of trout evolution, adaptation, geographic range and genetics I have read. To pack so much information into a short chapter and make it easy and enjoyable to read is a skill the author demonstrates throughout the book." – Denise Ashton, Salmo Trutta, Wild Trout Trust

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