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The Arches, Halmore, Berkeley

Gloucestershire GL13 9HL

Chris Newton                                                 Editor and ghostwriter



Book editing


Commercial copywriting





Testimonials & reviews



"What a brilliant job. Anyone who tries to write without having a proper editor must be utterly mad." - Catherine Gilling, Corinna


"I must compliment you on your excellent editing, which has improved my short stories considerably. The story threads are now much more readable and will doubtless be much more enjoyable to the reader following your superb contribution." - Roger Munro, Shadows at Sunset


“My sincere thanks to Chris Newton for his excellent editing. This, with his patience and encouragement, enabled me to produce a greatly improved manuscript.” - Brenda Barrington, A Small House In France


“What a fantastic job you have made of this! Thanks a million for such a superb conversion of my scientific tome into a much more readable book.” – John Mann, Chasms of Delight


"Chris Newton's input into my book was not only priceless, it taught me some valuable lessons about writing and publishing." - Michael Khatkar, Tortured Love




A Life On The Edge has a good claim to be the finest biography of an angler anyone has ever written." – Andrew Herd, Waterlog


"Superb - it's right up there with the best biographies of the year." - Independent on Sunday


"An excellent and beautifully-written hook, full of passion, humour, sadness and drama." - Fiona Armstrong on A Life At The Edge at the Lakeland Book of the Year Awards 2008


"Newton writes with a precision and humour that beguile; historical accounts are enlivened by the author's wry wit. A huge body of information which in a less-assured author’s hands would have been indigestible. There is a hint of Bill Bryson’s style, but leavened rather than overburdened with wit… (The Trout's Tale) is an education and a delight."        - John Aston, Trout & Salmon

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